About Myself

Dr Vijay Gadhia (M D)


Practising in morbi as consultant Physician since 22 years Attendent more than 1 lakh patient in private practice Part of many organizations
  • RSS swayamsevak since childhood
  • vyavasthapak at Saraswati shishumandir vidhyalay morbi
  • president in National medicos organization morbi district
  • past president in indian medical association morbi
  • trustee in traffic education society of morbi district
  • convinor in medical cell morbi district
  • president in madhav sharafi sahkari mandali morbi branch

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes is a health condition that goes hand in hand with various high-risk diseases, the predominant of which is heart disease.

13th Dec 15 04

Is insulin a must for all children with diabetes?

Diabetes in childhood and adolescence is becoming increasingly common in India. A diagnosis of childhood diabetes is often received with great fear by parents as it evokes images of lifelong need for insulin injections, as well as the development of complications in the eyes, kidney, heart and feet. However, it is increasingly becoming clear that not all diabetes in children and adolescents needs to be treated with insulin.

13th Dec 15 04

Decoded - Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The name ICU (Intensive care unit) has always given everyone shivers. Whenever someone says ICU, there are so many tubes going inside patients with zillions of wires and complicated leads placed around and over semi or unconscious patients who look as if they won’t survive! Some feel it’s a place where infections are there and one has to wear shoe covers and masks else they would contract serious infections.

13th Dec 15 04